11. Personal Project

Leather Goods

Over 5 years ago, the search for the perfect brown belt led me into a small leather shop on the Central Coast of California. Ever since then, I’ve been practicing and making small leather goods here and there for friends, family and myself. Nothing quite compares to the natural properties of leather and with so much still to learn, I’ll always have something to work on next.


Made at the beginning of 2014 after our move to NYC, this wallet has been a handy little addition to the daily carry.


The first project I attempted also turns out to be one of my favorites. My original belt is still going strong after all this time.

Passport holder

Nothing says “Happy Honeymoon” like a custom made, monogrammed passport wallet.

Laptop case

A quick fix project after our last laptop case broke. Also doubles as a document holder.

Razor Strop

Keeping a friend’s razor in tip top shape. Also, being waaaay to hip-to-quit.

All work © Adam Zabel-Wirdak 2017.

Have a nice day.