03. Destruction Product Design

Destroyers Club

The first and only club just for Destroyers. A club where you can share your latest plushie prey, compete to see who really is the Ultimate Destroyer, and earn points to unlock rewards.

Project Overview

Destroyers Club is a specialized product line within the BarkShop.com brand. Created for the dog that can tear through a tire, these toys are designed with destruction in mind and are made from the best possible materials imaginable.

My Role

As the Lead Product Designer on BarkShop, I, along with other members of the Product Design Team, was responsible for all steps in the creative process: concepting, wire framing, user research, UI design, interaction design, validation, specing, QA, and validation.

Dogs Love to Destroy

It was as simple and as hard as that. The BarkShop team decided to address one of the main toy problems that we hear all the time, “Toys don’t last long enough”. The solution was to create a club that rewarded dogs (and their owners) for toy destruction. The team created a MVP of the club and rolled it out to our users. This initial step was designed to gather more information about toy durability, user interaction with the club and overall awareness of destructive behaviors.

TESTING The Hypothesis

Once the information from the MVP was gathered, hypotheses were formed and rapid validation began. The team agreed to test 4 variations of customer outreach: Facebook Messenger, Facebook Private Groups, a Welcome Kit Email and a Club App. Through a series of interactions and user tests, the team was able to narrow the focus for v2.

Designing for a Different Demographic

After understanding the needs of parents with destructive dogs, it was clear that the hierarchy of product information needed to change. New product detail pages were designed and tested with a focus on quick, actionable information that pertained directly to destructive dogs. Integrating cross-sections of toys, video walkthroughs and GIFs helped provide size, material and durability context.

A More Informed v2

After validating our initial hypotheses through a series of rapid iterations, BarkShop was able to launch a more targeted and informative Destroyers Club v2 that included a new product detail page and a Destroyers Club collection page – finding the right balance between context, education and playfulness.

All work © Adam Zabel-Wirdak 2017.

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