09. conceptual pitch material

Charles Schwab

Schwab strategy is simple: see the world through our clients’ eyes. With a long heritage in the financial market, Schwab believes that the best way to success is always championing the individual investor.

Project Overview

Collaboration between planning, tech and design working toward a common end goal: the most concise and strategic presentation possible. The devil is in the details, and work is revised until everything is perfect, usually up until the last second.

My Role

As a Senior Designer working on the Schwab pitch, I was responsible for the design and interaction the homepage.

Own your tomorrow

putting the power back in the hands of investors

Wanting to stay relevant with the individual investor, Schwab needed a fresh look and feel on their Wealth Management, Investing & Trading site. Instead of a traditional, content-heavy approach, our focus was immersive experiences and interactions.

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