01. Ecommerce Product Design


BarkShop is built around two basic beliefs: all dogs are unique & all dogs deserve to be healthy and happy. BarkShop utilizes years of collected product feedback and user testing to make sure that everything is safe and fun for you and your pooch.

Project Overview

With tried-and-true products and BarkMade exclusives (the creators of BarkBox) there’s always something new and exciting to see. BarkShop.com is part of the larger Bark organization and is maintained by a mix of cross functional teams including Dev/Engineering, Product, Operations, Merchandising and Marketing.

My Role

As the Lead Product Designer on BarkShop, I was responsible for all steps in the creative process: concepting, wire framing, user research, UI design, interaction design, validation, specing, QA, and validation.

Start at the Beginning

When I started on BarkShop, the product hadn’t been touched by a designer for some time. My initial priority was to clean up the current version and establish consistency. Partnering with the lead Dev, we created a uniform grid system and master style guide to better control the design and development process.

Filtering & Sorting

In order to personalize the shopping experience for BarkShop customers in the future, it was necessary to create a product filtering and sorting system. Based on everything from dog size, to flavor profile, to destruction styles the filters allow users to quickly find the right products.

Product Lockup (Hover)

While there are usually many iterations of design ideas, not all get pushed into production. After a basic redesign of the Shop product lockup, I experimented with new ways for faster add-to-cart interactions.

Updating Scout’s Honor

Scout’s Honor – Bark & Co’s promise, priority, and policy that our products and services will make your dog happy – or we’ll fix it! The new Scout’s Honor page was designed to clarify the message and make it easier for customers to reach out for help.

BarkShop Live

BarkShop Live was the world’s first retail experience where dog’s did the shopping. Specialized sensors, crazy tech and lots of dogs made it a little different than your average trip to the store. Check out the recap video here.

BarkFest 2016

BarkFest – a festival designed specifically for dogs and filled with interactive games, cool tech demos, live music, delicious bites, cold brews, and more.

365 Days of Destruction

With the release of the new Destroyers Club product line, BarkShop wanted to raise awareness and celebrate destructive dogs. By submitting a photo of your dogs best destruction, you were entered to win a years supply of plush toys.

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